Library Measure

vote-clipartWhat will I see on the ballot?
Why does the library need a levy increase?
How does this impact my taxes?
What will the library do with the money?
What are the benefits for those who don’t use the library?
How many people use the Ray County Library?


When you go to the polls on April 4th, you will see this:

“For the purpose of maintaining an  aging facility, expanding  outreach services to schools,
daycares, and nursing homes;  purchasing new materials, including the addition of digital materials and genealogical resources; extending service hours; updating technology; increasing programming for children, youth, adults, and  seniors; and for the general operations of the Ray County Library district, shall there be a tax  increase of $0.10 over the present $0.11 for the county library?”


Why does the library need a levy increase?quote-jpg

  • Missouri State Library’s Guidelines—a library needs at least a 20-cent levy to provide adequate service.
  • Levy for Ray County Library

          1946-$0.10    1986-$0.11      2016-$0.11

  • Ray County Library collects one of the lowest tax rates in Missouri public libraries-127th out of 149.
  • Ray County Library cannot afford to provide longer hours, building repairs, outreach to schools and assisted living facilities, programs for all ages, update computers, or provide enough diverse materials.



How does this impact my taxes?




What will the library do with the money?


1open-signaProvide longer service hours when most residents are home from work and can visit.


2buildingProvide funds for an aging building  with such issues as a new roof, parking lot,
and sidewalks.



Provide more outreach to   nursing homes, assisted living, preschools, day cares, and county school districts.



Provide updated technology such as computers, wireless printing and  early literacy technology.




Provide more programming for seniors, adults, youth and children.



Provide more materials,
such as books, audiobooks, digital materials, genealogical resources and MANY more!


Everyone benefits!

Even those who don’t use the library.

1briefcaseLibraries aid economic development and full employment. People visit the library to apply for jobs online, research and write business plans, learn new job skills, and prepare for college entrance and vocational exams.


2houseQuality public libraries contribute to home values. Families relocating to an area care about the quality of the local library, just like they care about the quality of the local public schools.


3readerA more literate society benefits everyone. The library’s summer reading programs and Storytimes improve children’s reading abilities. People who don’t have  children or who have grown children benefit from paying taxes for schools and libraries when educated children grow up to become part of the workforce and help better society.


In 2015 at the Ray County Library…

Summer Storytime

One of our guest readers in our Summer Storytime.

  • 52,351 individual visits to the library.
  • 38,525 books, movies, magazines, and eMaterials were checked out.
  • 14,040 individual uses of computers and internet.
  • 2,782 hours the library was open.
  • 2,500+ individuals attended programs and outreach.





Download a printable brochure here.