eMaterials are electronic reading materials such as books, movies, or audio, that you can read on a smartphone, tablet, eReader or computer. Users will need to install free software (Overdrive) before downloading items from the digital collection. Use the last four digits of your library card number as your PIN.

Access eMaterials


Needing some help? Visit any of the below links for additional assistance on how to use the library’s eBooks:

Still needing help? How about one-on-one help?

The Ray County Library’s Reserve a Librarian service allows you to spend a 30-minute session with a professional librarian who can offer assistance tailored to your needs. This will allow you to reserve a librarian for an uninterrupted one-on-one, face to face, 30-minute session. To make an appointment, call the library at 816-776-5104 or 816-776-5103 or email the Children’s Librarian.

Free eMaterials from other sources

The Ray County Library has a reciprocal agreement with Mid-Continent System that allows Ray County library card holders to utilize the Mid-Continent System free of charge and allows Mid-Continent card holders to utilize the Ray County Library free of charge. Take your Ray County Library card to a Mid-Continent branch location and acquire a card in order to access their downloadable eBook collection.
Wolfner Talking Book and Braille Library is excited to announce the availability of a new download service for digital audio books recorded at Wolfner’s own recording studio located in Jefferson City, Missouri. The SHELF Project (SHared Electronic Files) provides an online catalog of locally recorded digital audio books, plus the capacity to download and play them on a variety of devices available to eligible library patrons. Missouri residents who are unable to read standard print materials due to a physical or visual disability may be eligible to use Wolfner’s SHELF and other free services from the library.
Call the library at 816-766-5104 or 816-776-5102